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What strikes me

So what strikes me the most, coming home again after 11 years abroad? It’s been 3 weeks, all of them on a boat – our temporary home waiting for the keys to our brand new home which will be handed to us in one week. So it’s safe to say that the everyday has not at all set in, nor has reality really. I kind of feel like we’re just on our annual sailing holiday, although the boat isn’t moving much and the girls have started school. Or that we’re in some bubble, still in an in-between state. Continue reading “What strikes me”

One-hand moving

Practicing one-hand writing after having had what seems to be a very common accident if you ask ER employees: the Avocado Accident. Cool name, not so cool incident. You know, sharp knife, slippery pit, soft hand (stupidly holding the avocado). Now this happened in the middle of packing a house and ending an expat life. Five days before the grand tour to say goodbye to each room, to the point of tearfully thanking them for good times and memories – including the basement! – and closing our heavy black door behind us for the last time. It is safe to say that timing is everything. Continue reading “One-hand moving”

Gamle koster og nye kjoler

Hvis noen hadde sagt til meg da vi flyttet til det store utland (vel,teknisk sett lille – vi snakker om Luxembourg) at det skulle føles fremmed og – ja, litt skummelt rett og slett – å flytte hjem igjen, hadde jeg sikkert ikke festet meg nevneverdig ved det.

Og i hvert fall ikke hvis vedkommende hadde påstått at kjoler ville ha noe med den saken å gjøre. Continue reading “Gamle koster og nye kjoler”

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