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Mondays in Paris

So I just have to write about Paris one last time, at least as part of my expat life! Just to make it even more clear how upset I am about not being able to hop on the train for a daytrip there anymore (I know, spoiled expat wife and all that, but still). Continue reading “Mondays in Paris”

On a vintage mission

There are many ways to prepare for a big move. Every member of our family does it in his or her own way, and it’s important we can all have the possibility do just that. Loudly or silently, purposefully or randomly, making plans and lists, thinking about it, talking about it, blogging about it. Being all pragmatic about it or all emotional. We have people we need to see, places we need to go, things we need to do. No place nor thing too unimportant. And some of us do what women quite often do to deal with things; we go shopping! Continue reading “On a vintage mission”


Which format to choose when you move home?

A4. The standard format. The safe format. The expected format. The approved format. The one we print every day yet try to print less of – to be eco friendly, not to avoid A4 – and the one we copy the most. Continue reading “Format”

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