If you ever think you can keep a very active blog about repatriating smack in the middle of repatriating, you might realise that you have to rethink. Other things kind of get in the way – I mean literally things, the ones we tend to have way too many of. And I mean literally in the way: A tiny defenseless blog completely crushed under stacks of books, heaps of clothes, an absolutely unlikely and annoying amount of glasses, Ikea packages and more.

And then before you can get back to the blog you kind of forgot about in all this, you have to scratch your head quite a few times to try and figure out a way to tame the stacks and heaps, and rearrange them so they can fit in. As you scratch your head and rearrange, you come across a box full of childhood&teenage memories. The one you always move from home to home and almost forget about and is thrilled to rediscover. Your old essays, your poetry, your 80’s photos (on paper!), letters from long lost friends (on paper!), your diaries, the books where your friends filled in their favourite colour and pop star and their dreams for the future. So you crawl into that box for a good while, and when you crawl out again you make a promise to yourself to read it ALL and sort out ALL the photos later.


Then you have to take an emotional roller coster ride or five, brought on by the memory box and other things. You’ve been away for more than a decade, for crying out loud! Which is exactly what you feel like doing sometimes but you usually don’t. And then when your head has calmed down, instead of tending to the by now sad and neglected blog, you decide you want to take long walks to get to know your new neighbourhood in your old new city. Or try to be social, you know, brush ten layers of dust off of old friendships and that sort of thing – get back into the swing of things. Not to mention family, heavens, you’ve been so far away for so long!

Then you have to go to Ikea again. And buy lamps. And a cat. Thing is you just happened to more or less promise a cat or dog or two to your children as you broke the news about the move to them. And you’re not one to say such a thing and not stick to it (and when your children told you they didn’t remember that promise, it was already too late).

And then you remember your poor little blog waiting patiently and silently, and you also remember that it is a good place to sort things out and that it might just help you sort other things out in this time of sorting a lot of things out.

So in between Ikea cupboards and furniture deliveries and waiting for our darling kitten – some well earned TLC to the Repat blog!