So I just have to write about Paris one last time, at least as part of my expat life! Just to make it even more clear how upset I am about not being able to hop on the train for a daytrip there anymore (I know, spoiled expat wife and all that, but still).

What better way to spend the two last Mondays? None! With me, myself and I to do my own things and take that trip down memory lanes in the Paris I’ve discovered during my expat years. I’m telling you, Marais has changed in those 11 years. If it was touristy back then, now it’s way too much so and has been for a long time, but still… So many things are where they’ve always been and that’s somehow reassuring. And there are quieter streets, like Rue de Sévigné towards the Parc Royal, Rue de Tournelles with my favourite Chez Janou and Rue Charlot, off Boulevard du Temple, with great boutiques. And Place des Vosges is so beautiful you can never tire of it.

On a tourist season Monday, Canal Saint Martin is still much more calm. And if you venture further ahead, up to the Bassin de la Villette and Quai de la Loire, you’ll be surprised at the relaxed athmosphere, people fishing, boating, sitting… And they are a nice mix of people. And if you have to go celebrity hunting, Alice was here. If you want to take it really slow, you just stand on one of the cast iron bridges and watch the boats being sluiced down the canal.

And then the next Monday with my daughters. Establish a feeling for Paris. For them, it’s the favourite breakfast place, the favourite take away empanada place and cute little boutiques in cute little streets more than fancy department stores and les Grands Boulevards. It’s the view, but not necessarily from the Eiffel Tower.This time it was from the ferris wheel, which in our language is called Paris wheel.

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