There are many ways to prepare for a big move. Every member of our family does it in his or her own way, and it’s important we can all have the possibility do just that. Loudly or silently, purposefully or randomly, making plans and lists, thinking about it, talking about it, blogging about it. Being all pragmatic about it or all emotional. We have people we need to see, places we need to go, things we need to do. No place nor thing too unimportant. And some of us do what women quite often do to deal with things; we go shopping!

I am on a vintage mission. For our brand new house back home, I want to break the new and modern Nordic with the odd vintage treasure from France and Belgium, both countries rich with brocantes and besides just 20 minutes away. These treasures will be nice  features, a nice contrast – and nice memories. They’ll have a story. Plus – they are often so inexpensive!

  • The chevet (night table), with a heavy & lovely marble plate that will find its way to our bathroom.
  • The old and quite grandiose lamp that will bring a touch of pink nostalgia (and which cost the unbelievable amount of 2 euros and it seems to be in mint condition!)
  • The ancient bedpan that I honestly don’t know what to do about and that I dragged around in a small Belgian town, much to the amusement of others. I’m sure it’ll find its place.
  • The beautiful and original French plate that will look gorgeous with sweet or savoury nibbles on a summer’s night.
  • The pot that was used for cooking – now perfect for the terrace.
  • The beautiful bowl given to me by a dear friend.
  • Travel treasures too, like the kitch jug found in Martinique, which is also France.
  • And the jug I couldn’t resist because it is so yellow.
  • And the one from the Christmas market, for when I’ll serve ice cold water to the queen (or my stepmum).

Creating our own style with memories and a touch of our expat life.

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