As much as I love languages and being able to switch between two foreign languages plus my native language on a daily basis, it’s going to be a bit of a relief not to have to!

No more booking restaurant tables using my less complicated maiden name, or the name of easy-name friends, or my name translated to French (quite funny though), or spell my actual last name 5 times and they still don’t get it right and can’t find the reservation. And no longer will I be mistaken for a hotel – Holtedahl very easily turns into Hotel Dahl.

No more UK and US English mix-ups, like when that nice British mom – sorry, mum! – I met at the playground on a surprisingly warm autumn/fall day ran away when I said I had to go take my pants off (this was back in the day when you’d wear tight jeans with a long tunic). Good thing I didn’t use the word “fanny” as well, which to me is obvious since I used to watch the good Nanny Fine!

She’s out on her fanny

Anyway, so much for that potential expat friendship… the playground is a good place to look for them by the way! Just get the words right; is your baby sleeping in a stroller with a pacifier and a dirty diaper, or in a pushchair with a dummy and a dirty nappy?

No more being teased for not getting double meanings (usually dirty) until you end up slightly paranoid believing everything has a double meaning.

No more searching for that word or expression, the one you’ll typically find in all other languages but the one you’re speaking, ending up with a clumsy replacement that doesn’t mean what you meant for it to mean.

Come to think of it, I’ll surely search for words and expressions in my mother tongue, and I’ll surely miss Babel too. Everything’s mixed.